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Mhsaa Physical Forms - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller - Fill Mhsaa Physical Forms, download blank or editable online. Athletics / JKL Forms and Handbook - MHSAA Physical Forms. 2017-2018 MHSAA Physical Form | Lake Michigan Catholic Schools - 2017-2018 MHSAA Physical Form. MHSAA Physical Form - Mason High School Sports, Mason, MI - MHSAA Physical Form. MHSAA Forms - This is the home of fentonathletics. Click on the link below for the Michigan High School Athletic...
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[Music] hello everyone this is Tom ration mhsa associate director we're going to talk today for just about two minutes about an MHSAA form known as the enrollment declaration form a simple Q&A here says what division or what class is our school or team in and of course the answer is the enrollment declaration form that's where it all begins now the enrollment declaration form is in the US mail around january twentieth to every school athletic director the MHSA in the department of education count they are the same in most years and this year that day is the second wednesday of februari now the MHSAA count and the state department of education comes they generally will differ some of our schools will add in their alternative at or non-traditional students and of course the mhsaa subtracts the 19 year olds who are in grades 9 10 or 11 the enrollment declaration form simply asks who is attending or presumed to be attending your high school on a daily basis and of course you would count every student regardless of the hours enroll that includes online students international students any student who is enrolled for one or more hours in your school now one of the big topics on the enrollment declaration form is do you use alternative education or non-traditional students and there are three very important questions on that forum question number four yes or no does your school allow non traditional students to participate in athletics may they are made a not if you say yes then you need to name that program and then number six questions is the sixth question you need to tell us the number of students that are not counting your basic enrollment who are in your alternative education program and that can differ from school to school how many alternative end students you come if you're in a consortium where several schools contribute students well of course you just count the suited to our enroll in your school but if it's your own alternative and program where all the students are within your school district then you count all the students who are in attendance in that non-traditional school now a couple of tips on the enrollment declaration form you have to mail the user in the US mail the original form we asked you to count on the second Wednesday mail it by the second Friday and please be careful once the divisions are set there's no downward movement do the math correctly leave no lines blank two signatures are required you can read a lot more about this on page 99 or page 36 and of course see the letter with the instructions that go with the form these are not official interpretation if you need more assistance be sure and contact the MHSAA for something in writing thanks very much for listening